Meet Board member, Linda Gilmore

Contact: Nicholle Granger

February 28, 2022 Lanham, MD

Linda Gilmore has had a busy professional career working with some well known companies. Serving as a marketer, consultant and program manager she is currently working as the Supervisor of the Specialty Markets for CareFirst. She has also spent time with Conair and Pepsico. Her work experience also includes the MD Department of Labor as well as the FBI.

She has earned both a BS from Towson University and an MBA from New Haven University in Connecticut. Linda also spent some time in the classroom, but as an Adjunct Professor at Howard Community College in Columbia, MD teaching marketing.

Always wanting to give back, she currently leads and serves on a variety of boards, including ours.

“There is a famous quote by Muhammad Ali that sums it all very well for me. It states, ’service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.’ I’m blessed to in a position to be a servant leader today, tomorrow and beyond.”

We asked Linda a few questions…

What about VOACC inspired you to first join the Board of Directors?

As a CareFirst Inc. associate, I was able to access volunteer board opportunities through the CareFirst and Business Volunteers of Maryland boardConnect process. This engagement was the best “speed dating” experience I had every had as provided my introduction to Volunteers of America Chesapeake & Carolinas. By the end of the “first date” I was very intrigued by VOACC’s mission and servant leadership model. With the second date, I became further impressed with the synergies between CareFirst’s “culture of health” and VOACC’s mission and values. The concept of a Church Without Walls aligns well with my interpersonal intentions – a beautifully aligned marriage!

In your role on the Board, what are you looking forward to the most? What are your goals?

Since this is my first year, I want to remain open to absorbing as much as I can. However, I do have a particular interest in delving into the Whole Person Behavioral Health Services. My goal to leverage my experience from a health care provider perspective as well as my prior human services and workforce development professional work to help close the health inequity gaps in the brain health space.

What does being "Called to Care" mean to you personally?

For me, being “Called to Care” means bringing my talents to the intersection of “business and the community”. This is where my strengths lie. I consider myself to be blessed at this juncture in my career journey and being able to leverage my strengths to care for my fellow neighbors is my duty, privilege, and pleasure.

You can learn more about Linda here.

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